Delphine Donkey


Name: Delphine Donkey
Species: Donkey
Gender: Female


Mother: Madame
Brother: Didier

Who is Delphine Donkey

Delphine Donkey is Peppa Pig’s pen pal. She is French and lives in France with her mummy, daddy and little brother Didier. She comes to stay with Peppa and her family so she can practise her English, bringing with her a large trunk full of things she will need for her visit. Poor Daddy Pig has to carry the heavy trunk all the way to Peppa’s bedroom at the top of the house!

Delphine Donkey’s French song lyrics

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques

Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?

Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines

Ding-ding-dong! Ding-ding-dong!

Delphine Donkey visits Peppa’s playgroup

During her visit, Delphine Donkey visits Peppa’s playgroup and meets Madame Gazelle and all Peppa’s friends. They teach Delphine the Bing Bong song.

Delphine Donkey Facts

  • Delphine Donkey loves fairy princesses
  • Delphine Donkey loves playing with her friends
  • Delphine Donkey loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles
  • Delphine Donkey can speak very good English
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Most asked questions about Delphine Donkey

How old is Delphine Donkey
Delphine Donkey is four years old, the same age
as Peppa.

How tall is Delphine Donkey?
Delphine Donkey is the same size as Peppa…but her long ears make her
seem taller!

Who is
Delphine Donkey’s brother?
Delphine has a little brother called Didier who is the same age as George.
Just like George’s beloved Mr Dinosaur, Didier has a toy dragon which he takes
with him everywhere – even to Peppa and George’s house!