Freddy Fox


Name: Freddy Fox
Species: Fox
Gender: Male  


Mummy: Mrs. Fox
Daddy: Mr. Fox  

Freddy Fox attends Peppa’s playgroup. His daddy, Mr Fox owns a shop. He also sells things out of his van. Mr Fox sells everything in boxes of twos and threes - he doesn’t sell single items. Freddy Fox thinks his dad sells everything. He loves his van. His mother, Mummy Fox works at the hospital.

Freddy is an orange fox with black nose, rosy cheeks and a white tipped tail. He wears a dull red t-shirt with a pair of black sneakers and the sound he makes is “Yap! Yap!”.

Freddy has a very good sense of smell, which makes him very good at hide and seek. He finds his friends by sniffing their smell. He can find his friends with his eyes closed. His friends call his nose a super nose. Freddy fox favourite smell is eggs. His worse smell is blue cheese. Freddy wants to be a Policeman when he grows up.

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Interesting facts about Freddy Fox

  • He is really good at smelling
  • He likes eggs and will try to eat one whenever he can
  • When he grows up, he wants to be a Policeman
  • Freddy Fox has a super nose
  • Freddy Fox hates blue cheese
  • Freddy loves carrot soup
  • Freddy Fox loves jelly

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