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Freddy Fox


Name: Freddy Fox
Species: Fox
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Voice: Charlie Stewart  


Mummy: Mrs. Fox
Daddy: Mr. Fox

Most asked questions about Freddy Fox character

1. How old is Freddy Fox?

Freddy Fox turns 5 at his birthday party in 'Grampy Rabbits Dinosaur Park' episode where he celebrates with all his friends and chocolate cake!


Freddy Fox is great at smelling and uses his skills to find his friends when playing hide and seek. He can even find Suzy Sheep with his eyes closed. Pedro Pony calls Freddy's nose a 'super nose', and he can tell everyone what they smell like. Freddy also uses his good sense of smell to help Dr. Hamster find Tiddles the turtle when he goes missing and finds him up a tree. His least favourite smell is blue cheese.

When Freddy grows up, he wants to be a policeman and drive a police car with flashing lights. He helped the police solve the mystery of the stolen pirate's treasure in the "Buried Treasure" episode. He dressed up as a policeman on an international day to represent the United Kingdom.

Freddy celebrated his 5th birthday at Grampy Rabbits Dinosaur Park with all his friends. They played at the dinosaur park and had chocolate cake to celebrate.

Freddy Fox loves riding his bike with Peppa Pig and their other friends. His dad, Mr Fox owns a shop that sells everything! When Freddy realises he is the only one without a bell on his bile Mr Fox gives him two bicycle bells to put on. Mr Fox also gives Freddy and his friends a "big shiny winners cup" for the winner of their bicycle race. The race is a draw and Mr Fox gives everyone a winners cup!

Freddy Fox Loves

  • Freddy Fox loves to smell things
  • Freddy Fox loves eggs
  • Freddy Fox loves carrot soup
  • Freddy Fox loves jelly
  • Freddy Fox loves sports
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