Gerald Giraffe


Name: Gerald Giraffe
Species: Giraffe
Gender: Male


Daddy: Daddy Giraffe
Mummy: Mummy Giraffe

Gerald Giraffe is the newest member of the playgroup. He is the tallest in the class. Because of his height, the children think he is really old, but Madam Giselle corrects them. Gerald explains that he is taller because he is a giraffe. Peppa thinks she is as tall as Gerald because she measures her height to the top of her ear, but Gerald is still taller than Peppa when he sticks his ears out.

Gerald Giraffe on the playground

The children play a game of hide and seek at play time. Peppa finds Gerald quite easily. Gerald is sad because he always gets found because he is tall. “It’s not much fun being tall”, he says. He needs to bend down to talk to everyone.

The children decide to play with their ball. Gerald Giraffe refused to play as he was sad. The ball gets stuck in the tree. Gerald Giraffe is very nice, and despite not playing with the ball, he helps the kids rescue the ball from the tree because he is tall enough to reach it. Gerald and the kids are happy again because he has rescued the ball.

Whilst rescuing the ball, he discovers an animal stuck in the tree. It turns out to be Tiddles the Tortoise. Tiddles the Tortoise belongs to Dr Hamster the vet. Although Tiddles is always kept in a box, he always manages to escape. Gerald is already as tall as Dr Hamster. The children are surprised by this. Gerald Giraffe explains that he is going to be even taller than Dr Hamster when he grows up.

Interesting facts about Gerald Giraffe

  • He is the tallest in the playgroup
  • He recused the class ball and Tiddles the Tortoise from the top of the tree
  • He is as tall as Dr Hamster
  • He must bend down to talk to everyone

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