Granddad Dog


Name: Granddad Dog
Species: Dog
Gender: Male


Son: Captain Dog
Grandson: Danny Dog
Wife: Granny Dog

Who is Granddad Dog

Granddad Dog is Danny Dog’s grandfather and Grandpa Pig’s best friend. He runs the local garage and knows everything there is to know about cars. He also enjoys going sailing on his red boat and growing tomatoes in his greenhouse.

Granddad Dog’s Garage

Granddad Dog runs the local garage and carwash. He helps rescue Peppa and her family when their car runs out of petrol. Daddy Pig fixes Granddad Dog’s carwash when it breaks by switching it off and on again.

Hop aboard Daddy Pig’s Car Ride at Peppa Pig World and you might just see Granddad Dog out and about fixing cars!

What are Granddad Dog’s hobbies?

Granddad Dog loves going sailing with his friends Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit. In one episode, they get stuck on a desert island and have to be rescued by Captain Dog. Granddad Dog is also very good at ten pin bowling.

Granddad Dog loves growing tomatoes in his rather messy greenhouse. Grandpa Pig makes fun of Granddad Dog’s greenhouse but Peppa points out that his tomatoes are much bigger than the ones Grandpa Pig grows!

Granddad Dog facts

  • Granddad Dog knows lots about cars
  • Granddad Dog and Grandpa Pig are best friends
  • Granddad Dog loves sailing his red boat
  • Granddad Dog is very good at bowling
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Most asked questions about Granddad Dog

How old is Granddad Dog?
Granddad Dog is a little bit older than Grandpa Pig, as mentioned in the episode ‘Bowling’.

How tall is Granddad Dog
Granddad Dog is approximately the same size as Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit.

Who is Granddad Dog’s grandson?
Granddad Dog’s grandson is Danny Dog. Danny sometimes goes out in the recovery vehicle with his Granddad to help rescue broken down cars!