Kylie Kangaroo


Name: Kylie Kangaroo
Species: Kangaroo
Gender: Female


Mother: Mummy Kangaroo
Father: Daddy Kangaroo
Brother: Joey

Who is Kylie Kangaroo?

Kylie Kangaroo is Peppa Pig’s friend from Australia. She wears a pink dress and is very good at jumping. She lives with her mummy and daddy and little brother Joey in a house which looks a lot like Peppa’s...except it’s on the other side of the world! Her family have their own aeroplane which they use to travel to The Outback for picnics. When Peppa comes to visit, Kylie teaches her to surf and throw a boomerang. She also teaches Peppa a special song.

Kylie Kangaroo’s song

Flying on an aeroplane on a sunny dayGoing to a picnic a long, long way away

Going to The Outback on a sunny day

Flying to The Outback a long, long way away

Kylie Kangaroo facts

  • Kylie Kangaroo’s favourite food is corn on the cob
  • Kylie Kangaroo is very good at jumping
  • Kylie Kangaroo does not like showing off
  • Kylie Kangaroo is very good at surfing
  • Kylie’s family have an aeroplane
  • Kylie Kangaroo has never seen real snow
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Most asked questions about Kylie Kangaroo

How old is Kylie Kangaroo?
Kylie Kangaroo is four years old, the same age as Peppa.

Where does Kylie Kangaroo live?
Kylie lives in Australia which is a long way away. When Peppa visits Kylie and her family for Christmas, they go to the beach and build sandmen instead of snowmen. It is very hot in Australia at Christmas. Kylie tells Peppa she has never seen real snow before…so Father Christmas brings her a snow globe!

Who is Kylie Kangaroo’s brother?
Kylie has a little brother called Joey who is about the same age as George. He travels about in his mummy’s pouch.

What do Kylie Kangaroo’s parents do?
Daddy Kangaroo likes cooking corn on the cob on his barbeque and flying the family aeroplane. Mummy Kangaroo drives a submarine and helps protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.