Madame Gazelle


Name: Madame Gazelle
Species: Gazelle
Voice: Tamsin Morwenna Banks
Gender: Female

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Who is Madame Gazelle? 

Madame Gazelle is the playgroup teacher who teaches Peppa Pig and her friends. It was revealed in the episode' Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party' that she taught all of the children's parents too. Madame Gazelle's first name is Gigi and she speaks with a French accent.

Madame Gazelle's band? 

Madame Gazelle loves to sing and play instruments. When she was younger, she played electric guitar in a band called The Rocking Gazelle's. She teaches the children how to play different instruments and sing songs. Her favourite nursery rhyme is Ring-a-ring-a-roses.

Madame Gazelle's job

Madame Gazelle is a much-loved teacher who always thinks of the children and even brought in a 'super toaster' to school during Breakfast Club so everyone could have toast together. She takes the playgroup on lots of fun trips including to the zoo to see animals being fed, to London to meet the Queen and on a camping trip where they learn how to make a campfire. She even takes the playgroup skiing and teaches them how to ski on the baby slope and walk back up the hill "like a crab".

Madame Gazelle's house

Madame Gazelle's house is very tall and old. It is leaning and has cracks everywhere, Peppa describes it as "Wonky Donkey". Madame Gazelle planted a Christmas Tree a long time ago which is now very tall and causing her house to lean. In one episode, Daddy Pig calls Mr Bull who finds lots of animals living in it, so they move Madame Gazelle's house into the tree and she now lives in a tree house.

More information about Madame Gazelle 

Peppa and her friends planned a leaving party for Madame Gazelle when they thought she was retiring. They made cupcakes and jelly for the party and invited all her friends including her Rocking Gazelle bandmates. It turned out Madame Gazelle was not leaving - she was only going on holiday!

In the episode - 'International Day', Madame Gazelle teaches the children about different countries. When the children start arguing in the playground, she told them this is not how the countries of the world act and sings them a song about peace and harmony in all the world.

Madame Gazelle facts

  • Madame Gazelle loves singing
  • Madame Gazelle loves swimming in the sea
  • Madame Gazelle is a world champion skier
  • Madame Gazelle loves playing guitar
  • Madame Gazelle loves teaching
  • Madame Gazelle is scared of flying
  • Madame Gazelle also teaches ballet
  • Madame Gazelle used to teach of the mummies and daddies 
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Most asked questions about Madame Gazelle

How old is Madame Gazelle?
Madame Gazelle “must be very old” according to Mummy Pig. She taught all the mummies and daddies, so she is most likely in her 60s, although her exact age is unknown.

How tall is Madame Gazelle?
Madame Gazelle’s exact height is unknown; however she is a similar height to Mummy Pig who is thought to be approximately 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

Where is Madame Gazelle from?
Madame Gazelle speaks with a French accent so she is most likely from France, however in the episode ‘Pumpkin Party’, Madame Gazelle says that vampires remind her “of the old country” which means she could also have links to Romania!

What animal is Madame Gazelle?
Madame Gazelle…is a gazelle! Although Mr Lion sometimes confuses her with a wildebeest.