Mandy Mouse


Name: Mandy Mouse
Gender: Female
Species: Mouse


Mother: Mummy Mouse
Father: Daddy Mouse

Who is Mandy Mouse?

Mandy Mouse is one of Peppa Pig’s friends at playgroup. She wears a pink dress and uses a wheelchair because her legs don’t work like Peppa’s and her friends’. She is very independent and can get around just fine in her super speedy blue wheelchair. She’s also very helpful and once even helped Mummy Rabbit learn how to swim!

What are Mandy Mouse’s hobbies?

Mandy Mouse is very sporty and loves basketball, swimming, skiing and playing in the park. She also loves visiting Cheese World; a theme park made entirely out of cheese – there’s even a cheese castle and river!

Mandy Mouse facts

  • Mandy Mouse loves cheese.

  • Mandy Mouse is very fast in her wheelchair.
  • Mandy Mouse loves playing basketball…and is very good at it!
  • Mandy Mouse loves drawing aeroplanes.
  • Mandy Mouse says “SQUEAK!”
  • Mandy Mouse loves swimming and skiing.


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Most asked questions about Mandy Mouse

How old is Mandy Mouse?

Mandy Mouse is five years old. In the episode ‘Mandy Mouse’s Birthday’, Mandy has a party at Cheese World with all her friends. She has a special birthday cheesecake with five candles on it.

Why is Mandy Mouse in a wheelchair?

When Peppa first meets Mandy, she asks her why she is in a wheelchair. Mandy replies ‘my legs don’t work like yours’. The children then go off and play ball together happily.

What is Mandy Mouse’s favourite food?

Mandy loves cheese – the stinkier the better!

Are Mandy Mouse and Peppa Pig friends?

Yes, they are good friends. While Mandy is very independent and can get around just fine, Peppa sometimes helps push her wheelchair up big hills – and there are a lot of big hills where Peppa and Mandy live!