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Miss Rabbit


Name: Miss Rabbit
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female


Twin Sister: Mummy Rabbit
Brother in Law: Daddy Rabbit
Niece: Rebecca and Rosie Rabbit
Nephew: Richard and Robbie Rabbit
Daddy: Grampy Rabbit

Miss Rabbit is a very busy rabbit. She has loads of jobs at Peppa Pig Land. She wants to go to work when she is poorly but her twin sister Mummy Rabbit insists on helping her out. Because Miss Rabbit had loads of jobs to do everyone had to help. Daddy Pig helped at the ice cream kiosk, Mummy Rabbit helped at the local supermarket and Grandad dog drove the bus. Everyone found it really difficult to do all Miss Rabbit’s jobs.

Miss Rabbit is so dedicated at her jobs that she receives an award from the Queen for being the hardest working person in the country. Everyone accompanies Mr Zebra the postmaster to present Miss Rabbit with her letter from The Queen. They find Miss Rabbit at work closing the local supermarket. The queen wrote in her letter;

Mrs Rabbit,
Please come to my palace to get a medal for all your hard work. Bring friends
All the best
The Queen.

Miss Rabbit faints when she reads the letter. She is worried that she has got too much work to do so she can’t attend the award ceremony. She is informed that The Queen has made it a holiday, so she doesn’t have to do any work. Miss Rabbit drives the bus with the kids to visit The Queen in her palace. Miss Rabbit faints when she sees The Queen, she is very excited.

The children are also excited to meet The Queen. They have lots of questions for her, she is excited to see them too. The Queen loves children. She presents Miss Rabbit with her medal. It is The Queen’s award for industry.

Miss Rabbits Jobs

  • Firefighter (The Fire Engine, Doctor Hamster’s Tortoise, The Queen)
  • China Shop Owner (Mr Bull in a China Shop)
  • Recycling plant owner/car crusher operator (Recycling)
  • Air Steward (Flying on Holiday)
  • Cashier at the local supermarket, museum, aquarium gift shop
  • Shop Assistant (Mrs Rabbits Day off)
  • Rescue Helicopter pilot at Peppa Pig World (Mrs Rabbit’s Helicopter)
  • Hot Air Balloon pilot (The Balloon Ride)
  • Face painter (The school Fete)
  • Crane Operator (Recycling)
  • Taxi driver (Mrs Rabbits Taxi)
  • Bus driver (school bus trip, school camp)
  • Gift shop owner on the Moon (The Golden Boots)
  • Train driver (The Queen)
  • Dental Nurse (Dentist)
  • Ice Skate Attendant (Ice Skating)
  • Scuba diver (The Aquarium)
  • Gift shop owner on the Moon (The Golden Boots)
  • Ski hire (Snowy Mountain)
  • Smoothie bar owner (fruits)
  • Shoe shop owner (New Shoes)
  • Ticket and souvenir seller (The museum, Potato City)
  • Ice cream stall owner (Mrs Rabbits day off, The Fishpond)
  • Christmas tree seller (Peppa’s Christmas)
  • Librarian (Library)
  • Nurse (Hospital, Mummy Rabbit’s Bump)
  • Boating lake attendant (Going Boating)
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