Mr Bull


Name: Mr Bull
Gender: Male
Species: Bull


Fiancée: Mrs Cow
Brother: Mr Bull’s brother also works as a builder

Who is Mr Bull?

Mr Bull is the boss of a building and construction company. He is very loud but also very kind and hard-working, helping to keep the roads in good working order (even when that means holding up the traffic for a while!).

What does Mr Bull do?

Mr Bull spends a lot of time in his digger, digging up the road! He also builds houses and occasionally works at the hospital. In one episode, he even teaches Peppa and her friends how to fix a squeaky floorboard by digging up the whole floor!

Mr Bull Facts

  • Mr Bull loves digging up the road
  • Mr Bull plays the tuba
  • Mr Bull’s machines are the strongest in the world
  • Mr Bull loves tea and has lots of tea breaks!

Mr Bull’s favourite sayings

‘We’re digging up the road!’
‘It will take as long as it takes!’

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Most asked questions about Mr Bull

How old is Mr Bull?

Mr Bull’s precise age is unknown. He is likely to be around the same age as Daddy Pig, which is very, very old indeed!

How tall is Mr Bull?

Mr Bull is the same height as his co-workers, Mr Labrador and Mr Rhinoceros.

Is Mr Bull married?

Mr Bull is engaged to Mrs Cow. There will be a three-part special in 2024 where we will see Mr Bull and Mrs Cow get married…and also be introduced to two brand new characters!

Who works with Mr Bull?

Mr Bull mainly works with Mr Labrador and Mr Rhinoceros. He occasionally works with Mrs Elephant too. Together they love digging up the road!

Can I see Mr Bull at Peppa Pig World?

Mr Bull is currently hard at work at Peppa Pig World, fixing a water pipe which has sprung a leak. Wave as you go by!