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Name: Mr Potato
Species: Potato
Gender: Male
Voice: John Sparkes

Mr Potato is a popular figure who loves to spend time with and inspire the children. He once inspired Daddy Pig to exercise and often encourages the children to eat their vegetables. His primary message is fruit and vegetables are good for you.

He is a TV personality and hosts many of the events on the show, including grand openings and sporting competitions. He also hosts the Mr Potato Christmas show. Peppa and her family went to see him open the new sports centre. He is often the judge at some of the sporting events. He judged Daddy Pig’s muddy puddle competition for the world record. He is somewhat of a celebrity and is known and admired by everyone.

As his name implies, Mr Potato is shaped like a giant potato. He has pink lips, a brown moustache and always wears a brown hat.

Super Potato

Mr Potato visited Peppa’s play group to speak to them about healthy eating. He introduced them to Super Potato. Super Potato is a super hero powered by vegetables. When he visits the kids at playgroup, he changes all the kid’s questions about superheroes into questions about fruits and veg. He also rescues Mr Potato when he gets stuck in the car.

His famous quote is “when trouble comes always remember to eat your fruit and vegetables”.

The Super Potatoes song:

Fruit and vegetables kept us alive

Always remember to eat your five

Potato City

Potato city is a theme park where the magic of vegetables never ends. At Potato city you can see how vegetables are made and get shot into space by the potato rocket. Peppa and her friends love it at Potato city. The children also get to be vegetables at Potato city. Peppa and her friends’ play at being tomatoes, carrots and pumpkins. There are loads of fun vegetable rides at potato city.

Interesting facts about Mr Potato

  • He loves to exercise
  • He encourages the children to eat vegetables
  • He hosts Mr Potato’s Christmas play
  • He drives a little red car
  • He is good friends with Super Potato
  • You can find him at Potato City


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    Most asked questions about Mr Potato from Peppa Pig

    Where is Mr Potato from?

    Mr Potato speaks with a French accent, so he is most likely to be originally from France or a French-speaking country.

    How tall is Mr Potato from Peppa Pig?

    Although potatoes are usually small, Mr Potato is a very large potato. He is even taller than Daddy Pig!

    How old is Mr Potato from Peppa Pig?

    Mr Potato, like all TV celebrities, keeps his age a closely-guarded secret. He is possibly older than he looks, thanks to all the healthy fruit and vegetables he eats!

    Where does Mr Potato live?

    Mr Potato lives at his special theme park Potato City where the magic of vegetables never ends!