Pedro Pony


Name: Pedro Pony
Species: Pony
Gender: Male


Mother: Mummy Pony
Father: Daddy Pony
Pets: Steven the Stick Insect

Who is Pedro Pony?

Pedro Pony lives in a tall orange house on a hill with Mummy and Daddy Pony and his pet stick insect Steven. He is sometimes quite clumsy and often gets a bit travel sick when travelling on the school bus. In the episode ‘Hospital’, the children visit Pedro in hospital after he breaks his leg! He is very brave and invites his friends to draw on his special plaster cast.

Pedro Pony’s Cowboy Song

Pedro loves pretending to be a cowboy and makes up his own special cowboy song which goes:

I’m a brave cowboy and I’m eating my beans
With a bing and a bong and a boo.
Baked beans bang
Baked beans boo
Baked beans bingerly bongerly bang.

He plays the song to his friends and they all sing along.

Pedro Pony facts

  • Pedro has a pet stick insect called Steven.
  • Pedro loves sleeping.
  • Pedro can play the guitar.
  • Pedro’s favourite food is beans on toast.
  • Pedro wears glasses to help him see.
  • Pedro is often quite clumsy.
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