Rebecca Rabbit


Name: Rebecca Rabbit
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Female


Mother: Mummy Rabbit
Father: Daddy Rabbit
Siblings: Richard, Robbie and Rosie Rabbit
Aunt: Miss Rabbit
Grandfather: Grampy Rabbit

Who is Rebecca Rabbit?

Rebecca Rabbit lives in a burrow on a hill with her mummy and daddy and her siblings Richard, Robbie and Rosie. She is good friends with Peppa Pig and loves eating carrots.

Rebecca is friendly, sweet-natured and a little bit shy. When Peppa and George visit her burrow, she shows them how to be rabbits by hopping, squeaking and, of course, eating lots of yummy carrots! She is protective towards her younger siblings, Richard Rabbit and twins Robbie and Rosie…but can sometimes be a bit of a bossy big sister!

In the episode ‘Mummy Rabbit’s Bump’, Rebecca and her friends think up some names for the baby in Mummy Rabbit’s tummy. Rebecca picks ‘Rosie’ if it's a girl and ‘Robbie’ if it's a boy. Guess what? Mummy Rabbit has twins - a girl AND a boy! Rebecca is so happy because both names can be used!

Rebecca Rabbit facts

  • Rebecca Rabbit loves carrots.
  • Rebecca Rabbit’s favourite toy is a stuffed carrot with googly eyes.
  • Rebecca Rabbit loves playing with all her friends at playgroup.
  • Rebecca Rabbit teaches Peppa and George how to be a rabbit.
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Most asked questions about Rebecca Rabbit

How old is Rebecca Rabbit
Rebecca is 4 years old – the same age as Peppa and her friends at playgroup.

How tall is Rebecca Rabbit
Rebecca is taller than her friends at playgroup because of her long ears. The only one who is taller than Rebecca is Gerald Giraffe.

Why does Rebecca Rabbit blush?
Rebecca Rabbit is sometimes a little shy and often blushes when she has an idea or talks about her favourite things in the world – carrots!

Who is Rebecca Rabbit’s best friend?
Rebecca has lots of friends, but her best friends are Zoë Zebra, Molly Mole, Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep.

What is Rebecca Rabbit’s brother’s name?
Rebecca has two brothers – Richard and Robbie. Richard is 2 and is George Pig’s best friend. Robbie is a baby and is the twin brother of Rosie Rabbit.