Richard Rabbit


Name: Richard Rabbit
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male


Mother: Mummy Rabbit
Father: Daddy Rabbit
Siblings: Rebecca, Robbie and Rosie Rabbit
: Miss Rabbit

Who is Richard Rabbit?

Richard Rabbit is 2 years old and lives with Mummy and Daddy Rabbit and his siblings Rebecca, Robbie and Rosie in a burrow on a hill. He loves to eat carrots and play with his toy dinosaur.

His best friend is George Pig. He also loves to play with Edmund Elephant and Zuzu and Zaza Zebra. His favourite food is carrots and he loves going to the park and playing on the see-saw with George.

Richard is a typical toddler which means there are often lots of tears and tantrums! These rarely last long before he is playing happily with his friends again.

Richard Rabbit facts

  • Richard is scared of staircases.
  • Richard loves playing with his toy triceratops.
  • Richard’s favourite food is carrots.
  • Richard loves playing in the sandpit.
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Most asked questions about Richard Rabbit

How old is Richard Rabbit?
Richard Rabbit is 2 years old like his best friend George Pig.

How tall is Richard Rabbit?
Richard is the same size as his friend George but his long ears make him appear a little bit taller.

What is Richard Rabbit’s favourite toy?
Richard has a red triceratops which he loves. He also has a purple one too. He enjoys playing ‘dinosaurs’ with George.

Where does Richard Rabbit live?
Richard lives with his family in a burrow on a hill. The burrow does not have stairs, but it does have a lot of tunnels.

Who is Richard Rabbit’s best friend?
Richard’s best friend is George Pig. They have lots of fun together and when one of them cries, the other one usually starts crying too!