Wendy Wolf


Name: Wendy Wolf
Species: Wolf
Gender: Female


Mother: Mrs Wolf
Father: Mr Wolf
Grandmother: Granny

Who is Wendy Wolf?

Wendy Wolf is Peppa Pig’s friend and neighbour. She wears a purple dress and loves howling when she sees a full moon. Wendy and her family are very good at howling, particularly Granny Wolf who has the loudest howl of them all!

Wendy Wolf’s Birthday

In the episode ‘Wendy Wolf’s Birthday’, Wendy has a party with all her friends. They have lots of fun blowing bubbles and playing with balloons. When the moon comes out, Wendy teaches her friends to howl like wolves. She has a special birthday cake with five candles and she huffs and puffs and blows them all out in one go!

Wendy Wolf facts

  • Wendy Wolf’s likes eating sandwiches.
  • Wendy Wolf is very good at howling at the moon.
  • Wendy Wolf is Peppa’s neighbour.
  • Wendy Wolf dresses up as ‘Australia’ for International Day
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Most asked questions about Wendy Wolf

How old is Wendy Wolf?
Wendy Wolf is five years old.

Where does Wendy Wolf live?
Wendy lives next door to Peppa in a house that Daddy Pig designed!

How tall is Wendy Wolf?
Wendy is the same size as Peppa and her friends.

What is Wendy Wolf’s favourite food?
Wendy’s favourite food is sandwiches.

What does Wendy Wolf look like?
Wendy is grey with a bushy tail. She has a black nose and wears a pink