Zoe Zebra


Name: Zoë Zebra
Species: Zebra
Gender: Female


Mother: Mummy Zebra
Father: Daddy Zebra
Sisters: Zuzu and
Zaza (twins)

Who is Zoë Zebra?

Zoë Zebra is one of Peppa Pig’s friends at playgroup. She is four years old and wears a purple dress with black shoes. She loves playing with her toy monkey, having picnics and helping Daddy Zebra deliver letters.

Who are Zoë Zebra’s parents?

Zoë Zebra’s daddy is a postman. He delivers all the letters and parcels in Peppatown. Zoë’s mummy enjoys making pottery and helps Peppa and Zoë make a clay tea set to play with.

Who are Zoë Zebra’s twin sisters?

Zuzu and Zaza Zebra are Zoë’s younger twin sisters. They are a similar age to George. Zoë loves her little sisters but can sometimes be a bit impatient when they want to join in with the older children’s games.

Interesting facts about Zoë Zebra

  • Zoë Zebra loves her toy monkey
  • Zoë Zebra takes piano lessons
  • Zoë Zebra enjoys helping Daddy Zebra deliver the post
  • Zoë Zebra’s talent is singing
  • For ‘International Day’ at playgroup, Zoë dressed up as the country Japan.
  • Zoë loves picnics
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Most asked questions about Zoë Zebra

How old is Zoë Zebra?
Zoë Zebra is four years old. In the episode ‘Zoë Zebra, the Postman’s Daughter’, she has a birthday cake with four candles on it.

How tall is Zoë Zebra?
Zoë Zebra is the same size as Peppa and her friends at playschool.

What is Zoë Zebra’s favourite toy?
She loves her toy monkey and always takes it with her wherever she goes.

Are Zoë Zebra and Peppa Pig friends?
Yes, they are good friends. They enjoy going on picnics together and having pretend tea parties with their favourite toys, Teddy and Monkey.

Can I see Zoë Zebra at Peppa Pig World?
Yes, you can! Keep an eye out for Zoë and her friends as you make your way around the park!