Edmund Elephant


Name: Edmund Elephant
Species: Elephant
Age: 2
Voice: Victor Wade
Gender: Male


Father: Daddy Elephant
Mother: Mummy Elephant
Brother: Emily Elephant

Most asked questions about Edmond Elephant:

When is Edmond Elephant's birthday?

Edmond celebrated his 2nd birthday in Season 3. The episode aired on 25th November, which is considered his birthday. Edmond celebrated his birthday with his friends, George Pig, Richard Rabbit, Zaza Zebra and Zuzu Zebra.

Edmond Elephant is Emily Elephant's little brother. He is extremely smart and calls himself ""a clever clogs"". He always answers the difficult questions at playgroup, like when Peppa asks what energy is or Daddy Pig asks what happens to concrete once poured. During Mr. Potato's Fruit and Vegetable Quiz Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep don't know if a tomato is a fruit or vegetable. They phone a friend to get the answer and call Edmond Elephant who tells them ""some people think a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds but in the 19th century, the Port Authority of New York classified tomatoes as vegetables.

Edmond loves space, planets and the moon. He knows the names of all the planets. When they made masks at playgroup he made a mask of the solar system with the sun and all the planets. He even included Pluto, even though he says "it's only classed as a planetoid". When Grampy Rabbit comes to playgroup to tell the class all about his trip to the Moon, Peppa Pig asks "why can you jump so high on the moon", Edmond reminds Grampy Rabbit that the "gravitational pull is smaller on the moon".

During The Pet Competiton episode Edmond brings his pet Gecko to playgroup. He named his Gecko Hemidactylus, which means a genius gecko, and has taught him to stick his tongue out.

At Christmas Edmond Elephant visits Santa's Grotto with all his friends. He asks Santa for a train, not a toy train but an actual train that he can drive with real passengers.

Edmund Elephant Loves

  • Edmond Elephant loves space
  • Edmond Elephant loves being a clever clogs
  • Edmond Elephant loves canoeing
  • Edmond Elephant loves playing in the sand pit
  • Edmond Elephant loves his pet Gecko
  • Edmond Elephant loves bouncing at soft play
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