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Name: Grampy Rabbit
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male


Daughter: Mummy Rabbit and Miss Rabbit
Father in Law: Daddy Rabbit
Grand Daughters: Rebecca and Rosie Rabbit
Grandsons: Richard and Robbie Rabbit

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Who is Grampy Rabbit? 

Grampy Rabbit is Rebecca and Richard Rabbit's grandfather. He lives in a lighthouse on a rock and runs the local boatyard. Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit are friends. Grandpa Pig sometimes visits him in the lighthouse with Peppa and George.

Grampy Rabbits has a hovercraft which can go on land and water. He built it himself and it goes very fast. He often helps at playgroup taking gym classes or telling the children stories. Grampy Rabbit loves to tell stories. He has a very loud voice and he loves to sing and play his banjo. 

Grampy Rabbit’s Song

Grampy Rabbit likes to sing songs for Peppa and her friends. His favourite one is called ‘Grampy Rabbit’s Blues’:

I got up this morning, 

the sea was still there, 

so was the sky.

The sea. The sky. The sea. The sky.

He also has a song about his visit to the moon:

I got up this morning, 

and all I could see,

Was the moon and the stars. 

The moon. The stars. The moon. The stars. 

What does Grampy Rabbit do? 

Grampy Rabbit has lots of important jobs. He runs a lighthouse, a dinosaur park, the local boatyard and a sailing club - and also sometimes helps out as a gym teacher. He has even been an astronaut where he travelled in a rocket to the moon! 

Grampy Rabbit would love you to come sailing with him. Why not join Peppa and the gang on a splashing, spinning boating adventure at Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club.

Grampy Rabbit facts

  • Grampy Rabbit loves sailing
  • Grampy Rabbit once built a submarine out of rubbish
  • Grampy Rabbit loves his hovercraft
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to sing
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to play the banjo
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to tell stories about the sea and the sky
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to dance
  • Grampy Rabbit has been to the moon
  • Grampy Rabbit is very good at building things
  • Grampy Rabbit's favourite food is cheese
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Most asked questions about Grampy Rabbit

Where does Grampy Rabbit live?

Grampy Rabbit lives in a lighthouse on a rock. His lighthouse and loud booming voice help guide boats back to shore safely.

How old is Grampy Rabbit?

Grampy Rabbit’s precise age is unknown, however one thing we do know is that he is definitely young at heart!

What can you find at Grampy Rabbit’s Boatyard?

Along with lots of boats, Grampy Rabbit has a big pile of rubbish that he uses to fix the boats and build submarines.

How tall is Grampy Rabbit?

Grampy Rabbit is the same size as his friends Grandpa Pig and Grandad Dog, although his ears make him appear much taller.

When is Grampy Rabbit’s birthday?

Grampy Rabbit’s birthday is unknown; however some sources suggest it may be on the 9th October.

Are there real dinosaurs in Grampy Rabbit’s dinosaur park?

No, there are only pretend dinosaurs at Grampy Rabbit’s dinosaur park, along with a super fun giant dinosaur slide.