Grampy Rabbit


Name: Grampy Rabbit
Species: Rabbit
Gender: Male


Daughter: Mummy Rabbit and Miss Rabbit
Father in Law: Daddy Rabbit
Grand Daughters: Rebecca and Rosie Rabbit
Grandsons: Richard and Robbie Rabbit

Grampy Rabbit is very adventurous he lives in a lighthouse on a rock. He sometimes gets lonely up there by himself. Grandpa Pig and Grampy Rabbit are friends. Grandpa Pig sometimes visits him in the lighthouse with Peppa and George.

Grampy Rabbits has a Hovercraft which can go on land and water. He built it himself and it goes very fast. He often helps at playgroup taking gym class or telling the children stories. Grampy Rabbit loves to tell stories. He has a very loud voice; he is very good at shouting and he loves to sing. His favourite song is;

Grampy Rabbit’s Song

Woke up this morning, the sea was still there, and so was the sky.
The sea. The sky. The sea. The sky

Grampy Rabbit has a dinosaur park. The children visit the dinosaur park for Freddy Fox’s birthday.

Grampy Rabbit would love you to come sailing with him. So why not join Peppa and the gang on a splashing, spinning boating adventure at Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club.

Grampy Rabbit loves

  • Grampy Rabbit loves sailing
  • Grampy Rabbit loves his hovercraft
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to sing
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to play the banjo
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to tell stories about the sea and the sky
  • Grampy Rabbit loves to dance
  • Grampy Rabbit is very good at building things
  • Grampy rabbit loves cheese

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