Grandpa Pig


Name: Grandpa pig
Species: Pig
Age: 70
Gender: Male
Voice: David Graham


Spouse: Grandma Pig
Daughter: Mummy Pig
Son-in-law: Daddy Pig
Grandson: George Pig
Granddaughter: Peppa Pig

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Most asked questions about Grandpa Pig

1. How old is Grandpa Pig?

Grandpa Pig celebrated Grandpa Pig’s birthday in season 6 “Grandpa Pigs Birthday”. He had 7 candles on his cake, so we presume he is 70 years old. This was also Peppa and George’s first time visiting a restaurant! They celebrated with party hats, balloons, and spaghetti, of course!

2. What is Grandpa Pig's Train called?

Grandpa Pig built his own train called ‘Gertrude’. Gertrude is “a miniature locomotive” and is fitted with “car wheels so she can go anywhere she likes” without railway tracks. Peppa and George love Grandpa Pig’s train - Peppa said “Gertrude is the very best train in the whole world”. Peppa even has a song for the train. It goes;

Grandpa’s little train goes chu chu chu
Grandpa’s little train goes chu chu chu
All day long

Even though it’s only a little train, he recuses Mrs Rabbit’s passengers when her big train breaks down. He helps Mrs Rabbit fix her tain because he is good at mending things.

3. Does Grandpa Pig have a boat?

Grandpa Pig has his own boat and loves to take Peppa and George sailing. Grandpa Pig is the captain of the boat and is in charge. On the boat, Peppa and George must always wear a lifejacket. Grandpa Pig races his boat with Grandpa Dog and wins!

More about Grandpa Pig  

Grandpa Pig is very competitive. He and his best friend Grandad Dog often argue about who is the best at sailing. Grandad Dog also has a sailing boat which he thinks is better than Grandpa Pig’s. Once when they raced, Grandpa Pig ran out of petrol because he was going too fast and Grandad Dog had to tow him. 

Grandpa Pig loves it when Peppa and George visit him and Granny Pig at their house.  They often babysit Peppa and George when Mummy and Daddy Pig go out.  Grandpa Pig loves watching boring programmes (nature programmes).

Grandpa Pig's hobbies  

Grandpa Pig has many hobbies. He is very good at growing vegetables. He has a cabbage patch and puts manure on it to help the vegetables grow. He also has a greenhouse made of glass in which he grows tomatoes and basil and also grew a giant pumpkin for Peppa’s Halloween pumpkin decorating competition.

Grandpa Pig's boat  

Grandpa Pig has a blue boat and loves to go for a cruise down the river. You can join Grandpa Pig on his boat or catch a ride on Gertrude right here at Peppa Pig World.

Grandpa Pig's DIY skills 

Grandpa Pig isn’t very good at using computers, but he is the best at mending things and is able to mend the computers when it breaks. He also mends Miss Rabbit's train when it breaks down. He loves making things and made a homemade toy aeroplane and a racing car for George. Grandpa Pig takes pride in his greenhouse and growing tomatoes, but he hates slugs and snails because they eat all his vegetables.

Grandpa Pig Facts

  • Grandpa Pig loves sailing
  • Grandpa Pig loves his miniature locomotive train
  • Grandpa Pig loves mending things
  • Grandpa Pig loves growing vegetables
  • Grandpa Pig has a ride-on lawn mower called Betsy
  • Grandpa Pig loves his pet parrot
  • Grandpa Pig loves his best friend Grandad Dog
  • Grandpa Pig loves to collect ships in a bottle
  • Grandpa Pig loves collecting stamps
  • Grandpa Pig does not like garden gnomes

Grandpa Pig quotes

“Gertrude isn’t a toy…she is a miniature locomotive!”
“Oh no! My lettuces!”
“What’s the point of a well without water?”
“There’s no need to hurry when you’re sailing.”
“Now you boys have your very own den!”

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Some more frequently asked questions about Grandpa  

Keen to know more about Grandpa Pig? Read on! 

How tall is Grandpa Pig?

Grandpa Pig’s actual height is unknown but he is a little bit taller than Granny Pig and a little bit shorter than Daddy Pig.

Where is Grandpa Pig’s house?

Grandpa Pig’s house is at the top of a tall hill. The house is white and has an attic and a large garden. When Peppa and her family visit Grandpa and Granny Pig they need to take the car as their house is not close by.

What is Grandpa Pig’s name?

Grandpa Pig is only referred to as ‘Grandpa Pig’ in the show, so his real name remains a mystery (although one online source suggests he may be called ‘Manuel’).

When is Grandpa Pig's birthday?

Grandpa Pig’s birthday is not known, however he is thought to be about 70. The episode ‘Grandpa Pig’s Birthday’ first aired on 1st October 2019 so this date may be his real birthday!

What can you find in Grandpa Pig’s garden?

Grandpa Pig grows lots of vegetables in his garden, such as peas, carrots and lettuce. He also has an apple tree and a greenhouse where he grows basil.

Who is Grandpa Pig married to?

Grandpa Pig is happily married to Granny Pig.