Mummy Pig


Species: Pig
Gender: Female


Spouse: Daddy Pig
Daughter: Peppa Pig
Son: George Pig
Mother: Granny Pig
Father: Grandpa Pig

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Most asked questions about Mummy Pig

1. How old is Mummy Pig?

Mummy Pig is believed to be younger than Daddy Pig who is thought to be around 30 years old. In the episode 'Mummy’s Pig Birthday', Daddy Pig whispers to Peppa her age, and Peppa’s’ reaction is “Wow! Really old!”.

2. How tall is Mummy Pig?

Mummy Pig is 5’9” (5 feet and 9 inches tall), which is approximately 179 centimetres. That said, if you visit Mummy Pig here at Peppa Pig World, she definitely seems a lot taller than that! 

3. What is Mummy Pig's real name? 

Mummy Pig’s real name is top secret – even we don’t know what it is! Be sure to ask her if you see her out and about at Peppa Pig World.

4. What is Mummy Pig's job? 

Mummy Pig’s main job involves doing “very important work” on her computer at home. She also volunteers at Miss Rabbit’s Mummies Fire Engine Service and, of course, looks after her little piggies, Peppa and George.

More about Mummy Pig 

Mummy Pig is mummy to Peppa and George and lives at home with them and Daddy Pig. She has lovely long eyelashes and usually wears a pretty orange dress.

Mummy Pig's work  

Mummy Pig works from home on her computer doing important work and sometimes lets Peppa and George help... as long as they don’t bash the keyboard! She volunteers at the Mummies Fire Engine Service and helped put out a fire that started when Daddy Pig had a barbecue with his friends.

Mummy Pig has written a storybook which she sends out to be published.  She takes it to playgroup to read it to all the children. The storybook is about a funny onion who makes people cry. Unfortunately, she forgets to save her work and her book ends up being about George’s Happy Mrs Chicken score!

Mummy Pig's skills 

Mummy Pig is a very strong mummy and is very good at lots of things although she seldom makes a fuss about it.  At the funfair even though Miss Rabbit tells her it’s impossible to win the Catch A Duck game, Mummy Pig ends up winning a giant teddy bear for Peppa. She also wins another giant teddy bear at the Archery game after being told by Mr Dog that it was a game of skill. She then proceeds to win giant teddies for all Peppa’s friends at the Bell and Hammer game.  She is better at map reading than Daddy Pig and is wise about most things.

Mummy Pig loves to cook. She makes lovely spaghetti, chocolate cakes and pancakes. Peppa and George love to help her stir the pancake mix.  She is very good at flipping pancakes.  She also likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles almost as much as Peppa.

Mummy Pig Facts

  • Mummy Pig loves muddy puddles
  • Mummy Pig likes to cook
  • Mummy Pig loves going to the theatre
  • Mummy Pig is scared of spiders
  • Mummy Pig loves pancakes
  • Mummy Pig loves writing
  • Mummy Pig can speak French
  • Mummy Pig saved Daddy Pig after he fell out of an aeroplane 

Some Mummy Pig Quotes

“Give me that hammer!”
“Daddy Pig, who sent you all those Valentine’s cards?”
“Come to Mummy.”
“Have you got the car keys, Daddy Pig?”
“I don’t want Mr Skinny Legs in the house, Daddy Pig!”

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Some more frequently asked questions about Mummy Pig 

Keen to know more about Mummy Pig? Read on!

When is Mummy Pig’s birthday?

Mummy Pig’s birthday is thought to be on the 23rd of June.

Where does Mummy Pig live?

Mummy Pig lives with Daddy Pig, Peppa and George at ‘the little house on a hill’ at 3 Astley Street in Peppatown. Why not come and see Mummy Pig’s house for real at Peppa Pig World?

What is Mummy Pig’s book called?

Mummy Pig’s book is called ‘Funny Onion’ and is about an onion who wants to make people laugh, but instead makes them cry because he is an onion.

Who are Mummy Pig’s parents?

Mummy Pig’s parents are Granny and Grandpa Pig. She also has a sister called Dottie who lives ‘far away in another country’.

Where can I meet Mummy Pig?

You can meet Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa and George here at Peppa Pig World!